First Experience : Icowobas 2011

Hello everyone. This is my first post in my own blog.

Thank you for visit here.

In this moment, i’ll share my experience in joined international workshop.

This is my first moment. Several month ago, my supervisor Mr. Syamsul Arifin registered me as presenter in panel discussion in 3rd International  Conference and Workshop in Basic and Applied Science 2011 held by Faculty of Sains and Technology Airlangga University collaborated with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia started in September 21st 2011. This conference held in Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel Surabaya started on 9 am.


Opening Ceremony occured in half hour. Continued with 4 Plenary Lectures. Plenary lecture’s presenter was invinted from overseas, including Japan and Malaysia. First presenter was Mr. Yoshiaki Takaya from Faculty of Pharmacy Meijo University Nagoya Japan. He presented his research about Discovering new silbnetramer called -visitin F that obtained from Vitis vinivera ‘Kyohou’ Stopple. Visitin F is obtainable by extracting Vitis Vinfera ‘Kyohou’, Methyliting -Visitin F,  and Ozonylosis of Visitin F process. That was very difficult research and he explained with detailed.  Second lecturer came from Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, UNINE Neushatel, Switzterland named Dr. Xavier Daniel, Ph.D.

Third and Fourth Plenary Lecturer were come from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, first lecturer was Mr. Zuhaimi Ismail with title : Optimal Design Of Parameter Estimation In Double Exponential Smoothing Using Genetic Algorithms And Other Evolution Programs. Briefly this lecture explained about Genetic Algorithms and it’s Applications in many fields.  Especially in forecasting. In his research, Mr. Zuhaimy Ismail applied Genetic Algorithm to solve problems in Malaysia Power Stations, forecasting stock market KLCI, and etc. He determined the value of alpha and gamma in Generic Algorithm Formula to obtain the forecasting process. Number of alpha and gamma values are in range 0-1. There were two methods in determining alpha and gamma : Brown’s Method  (with 99 possible values) and Holt’s Method (9801 possible combinations).

Next plenary lecturer was Mrs. Noriah Bidin. She held research on Laser Research  Group, Advanced Photonic Science Institute, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Mrs. Noriah investigated the thermal effect in Diode Pumped vanadate laser. She described that vanadate Nd:YVO4 was assumed as the most efficient laser host crystal used for diode pumped solid-state lasers. Two parameters that may influenced thermal effect of this laser were thermal lensing effect and thermal fracture damage. Lens dioptric power has inversely proportional with pump power of the laser. Therefore the dioptricpower should be reduced to obtain higher power.

Plenary lecture sessions finished in 12 PM. We take a lunch and continued with Panel Discussions, there were 5 scopes : Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematic, and Technology in discussions.  I also invited as presenter in Technology scope with title : Design of Artificial Intelligence Software for Lung Cancer Diagnosis using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems. That was my first experience. Fortunately i could presented it well although i should speak in english. The paper that i presented will be uploaded soon.


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