Kuliah S2? Semoga Lancarrrr

Sorry if there any roaming,just wanna write my journal in english, because there are some ‘vent’ inside. Hehe, my journal tittle represent what i feel now. I am curious. Let me tell you what happened in the past :
Several month ago, in the month of ramadhan. I just arrived from my internship training in Dewata island. In the morning, i went to my campus by motorcycle. As usual, many banners are posted along the street. Such as information about college tuition’s deadline, new student’s greeting (or new ‘prey’ for old students), or campaign of BEM presidential candidate. But one banner was attract me :
Fast Track Scholarship.
A chance for studying in Germany, requirements : GPA > 3,25 for 7th Semester student’s. Socialisation : August …. (i forgot the date) at Rectorate 1st floor.

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Hmm, i think that was a good chance. I never went to overseas before. I also want to continue my study without paid anything, hhe. In the socialization day, 1st vice rector gave us information about the scholarship named ‘Fast Track’. It was scholarship from DIKTI for prospective lecturer and educational staff, Student who accepted the scholarship would continue his/her master degree at 7th semester of bachelor degree. In the other word. He/she studied bachelor and master in the same time, that was sound nice. After finished master degree, if passed the selection, the student continue his/her study in Germany. Indonesian and German government made a deal for the scholarship purpose. Our government paid all living cost and tuition fee and this mechanism agreed as a debt swap (means Indonesia paid national debt send Indonesian student to Germany). Doctoral study period was three years, this was one of the government target : Fast Track student graduating doctoral degree at not more than 27 years old.
Honestly, i was interested, but one requirement made me little doubt : Fast Track grantee bond to be a lecturer. I never imagine this before, but after i thought about this i decided to applied the scholarship. Maybe became a lecturer was my destiny :p. I prepared all registration requirements, including curriculum vitae (in english, of course), attachment of all published articles, filled the registration form, and also resume of thesis. The last requirements was the most difficult one. I even did not write my final project proposal yet, how could i wrote my thesis resume? Fortunately i finished all well and submitted all registration requirements in 2 days (because registration period would be closed 3 days after socialization). Then just waited, what would happen next.
Ok, let’s back to the present :D. Actually, I’ve heard a rumor that all applicant accepted because our government provide huge quota, depend on the university (In ITS number of applicant reach 155 students). However, i still can’t join master lecture because a decree from is not published yet. After wait for one month, ‘Alhamdulillah ya’ the letter of accpetance has anounced in bulletin board. I can start the lecture next week.


11 thoughts on “Kuliah S2? Semoga Lancarrrr

  1. huflepuff said: semoga berhasil masbro. setahu saya biasanya pemda mengkuliahkan pegawainya ya? untuk nambah ilmu..

    memang ada jatahnya. terutama yang di formasi Perencana beasiswa dari Bappenas. ini yang lagi saya incer. mudah2an emang jodoh saya 🙂

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